PCH Search & Win Deletion Tool

Today, corporates and organizations can not survive without Computers and Internet. Not only in professional matters, there are so many personal things where can be done in easier and faster way with the help of Internet. It has helped the world to come closer through social networking, instant messaging and also helps in online banking shopping, paying bills, and many more things. It has made our lives better and easier. The knowledge and information is available on the fingertips, on just one click. So it is now an online world where people are dependent on PC and Internet for many of their important works. However, as the world made a shift to this online world, same did the criminals. Now banking transactions are performed online, confidential data are shared online and files and folders are saved on PCs. Therefore, the cyber crooks have taken an undue advantage of this medium and have developed threats like PCH Search & Win and infuse them in weakly secured PC to intimidate users for meeting their ill objectives. You should immediately remove this Infection.

About The Threat
PCH Search & Win is an alien item which tricks the user and gain an entry into the PC without even the user’s knowledge and seeking his permission or consent. As soon as this threat makes an unauthorized entry, it will destroy the PC and essential programs and files important for it to work smoothly. So take quick actions to get rid of this threat.


Causes behind the entry of PCH Search & Win into the PC

  • Weak network administrator security
  • Obsolete and outdated anti-virus programs in the PC
  • Unknown peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Visiting unsafe and filthy adult websites and other such unknown sites
  • Spam email and attachments
  • Clicking over suspicious links
  • Free movie, music, games, software downloads
  • Inserting infected external storage devices like pen drives, USBs, CDs and DVDs etc.

Symptoms of PCH Search & Win

Although, it is difficult to detect the existence of PCH Search & Winin the PC by an ordinary anti virus program. It keeps changing its name and content to evade detection. And it even disables the existing security programs in the system. But like devil always leaves a mark behind, similarly there are few common symptoms which may signal the users for its existence in the PC as mentioned below:

  • Unstable PC with sudden shut down and automatic restart
  • Running applications get closed suddenly
  • Very slow respond to commands
  • Frequently occurring Pop up ad-links and error messages
  • Task manager reports huge space usage suddenly
  • Network shows downloading even if you are not performing any online activity
  • Programs like MS Word takes time to open, leave alone heavy applications like Photoshop
  • PC Freezes and eventually result in Blue screen of Death

Problems caused due to PCH Search & Wininfection

As mentioned earlier, PCH Search & Win is a nasty threat, it can endanger the whole PC deteriorating all essential programs and files, necessary for its smooth operation. Several harmful consequences are faced by the affected user and sometimes the damages and losses are unrepairable and irrevocable. Given below are some are some harmful aftermaths caused by PCH Search & Win infection:

  • System and web settings are manipulated
  • Degraded and abnormal PC and Internet performance
  • Web searches are rerouted to unknown and unsafe websites
  • Several Unknown icons are created on Desktop
  • PC freezes on opening any files or application
  • Browser homepage is unconsciously changed
  • Automatic scanning is performed and user is persuaded to buy bogus programs
  • Additional Malwares entry becomes inevitable
  • Pop up links and error messages annoy the user
  • Personal and financial data are recorded and may fall at risk of exposure


How to Remove PCH Search & Win

As we can see that PCH Search & Win is a very harmful threat and its consequences could bring severe losses to the contacted innocent user. Apart from the damaging files and programs, it may even record and steal private, personal and even financial information. So it is very much required to remove PCH Search & Win from the PC. There are 2 methods to eliminate the PCH Search & Winfrom the PC.

Manual Removal Method to Get Rid Of PCH Search & Win

It is to be noted that Manual Method should only be tried by the users who have sound knowledge of Registry editor. It should not be tried by beginners as any small mistake may lead to other serious issues in the PC. Furthermore, it takes too much time and energy and thus requires patience because if any single value is missed out, the whole process will have to repeated again. And many a times, the threat may resume as soon as the Windows Restarts. So it involves risk energy, time and even after all these, it does not guarantee successful removal of the PCH Search & Win.

Given below is an illustrated guide for Manual removal of PCH Search & Win

Step 1: First of all Boot the Windows PC. Restart the system and as it starts, keep pressing the F8 key on the keyboard continuously. Now You can see advanced boot options on the screen. By using the arrows key on the keyboard select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and press ‘Enter’ key.


Step 2: Now go to the Start menu on the Desktop and click on ‘Run’. In the Run Box type “regedit” the Registry editor would open and there you have to delete all the infected registry entries.


Step 3: Later, Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” keys together to open the task manager from where you can end up all the ongoing processes and executions made by the threat and stop its activities in the PC.


Step 4: Finally open the control panel and go to add and remove programs and from there you should delete all the automatically installed programs which you consciously do not remember of installing yourself and thereby get rid of harmful threats.


Automatic Removal Tool To Delete PCH Search & Win

Automatic Removal Tool is the best way to get rid of PC threats. It does not require any special technical skills. It cleans your PC in few clicks within few minutes. It has been designed by expert engineers and professionals who have used robust algorithms and latest technology to develop this tool. An simple-to-operate tool with an easily understandable interface which even a novice can run and use. However the given below illustrated User Guide will help you through the procedure.

Step 1:
Download and install the Automatic Removal Tool in the PC. And launch the program from desktop shortcut.


Step 2:
It runs a comprehensive scanning throughout the system and enlists all the detected threats with their details


Step 3:
With the use of ‘Spyware Help desk’ option, you can get to know about the threat level of these infections


Step 4:
At last, click on ‘System Guard’ to remove the threats forever from your Pc as well as protect the system from any future threat attack.



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